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Never again have to type out “What about Tuesday at 2pm?.” 

Calendly allows your clients and prospects to easily schedule with you on your terms. Read the Founder’s intriguing story here.

Blinkist.com and GetAbstract.com 

Business books, and non-fiction books in general, often contain a few good nuggets surrounded by fluff. 

Blinkist and GetAbstract allow you to read or listen to short summaries of non-fiction books, allowing you to get the gist, without wasting your valuable time.

Adobe Scan for iPhone and Android  

Scan on the fly and produce great looking PDFs that you can save or share.

Monday.com and ClickUp.com

There is a lot of project management software out there, but these two are at the top of my list for ease of use and functionality. 

If you find yourself spending a lot of time chasing down projects or reminding your team about the thing you already reminded them about, project management software is a great way to create accountability and save leaders and managers time.


I know meditation benefits me and am also loathe to actually to it, as are many of my clients. I love this app, because I can quickly find exercises that take just a few minutes and ground me during the day or at night when my head is swirling. 

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